Extreme Violins is a general interest journal and the official magazine of Jing Yu Fan Club. This publication features essays, drawings, photos, jokes, News You Can Use, and a collectible heartthrob centerfold in each issue. Past beauties include dreamboat of the deep seas Jonathan Brandis; cutie patootie Truman Capote;  Bernard-Henri Lévy (BHL if you're nasty), décolleté; and Pepé Le Pew. Fan Club members receive new issues quarterly and have access to the magazine's electronic archive. Individual copies and box sets of the magazine may be purchased in the Store

Readers Rave
"Do you really have a friend that looks like that?" --Dan L.
"This magazine is so good I just wanna chew its hair, maybe spoon it for like an hour and a half." --Justin S.
"I see that you like puns. I do too!" --Leo S.